Tomo-chan's Daily Life 27

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Before November, 2003 (to Daily Life 26)

December, 2003

Sunday, 7
"Mutsumi Festival 2003"

Friday, 26

January, 2004

Saturday, 3
"New Year Events in 2004"

Wednesday, 28
"Nyan-Chu 1/1 Hand Puppet"

March, 2004

Wednesday, 17
"Outgoing after a Long While is to an Eye Doctor"

Tuesday, 23
"Going to School after a Long Interval"

April, 2004

Sunday, 11
"Museum of Yayoi Culture"

Saturday, 24
"Kishiwada Danjiri Hall"

Tuesday, 29
"Garden of the Suma Palace"

May, 2004

Sunday, 2
"Shinoda Inari Shrine"

After May 3, 2004 (to Daily Life 28)