Tomo-chan's Daily Life 33

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Before January 4, 2006 (to Daily Life 32)

January, 2006

Wednesday, 25
"I love the Song of 'Mito, Komon.'"

March, 2006

Monday, 13
"Tomo-chan in February"

Monday, 20
"Ending Ceremony of the Third Term"

May, 2006

Monday, 1
"A New Term Starting in 2006"

Saturday, 6
"Stroll along the Obata River"

Saturday, 12
"Go to School for the First Time in 2006"

Sunday, 14
"Attack the Southern Sector from Home"

Sunday, 21
"Go to the Rose Garden"

June, 2006

Saturday, 10
"Nettle Rash"

Friday, 16
"Exercise in Experience"

After June 20, 2006 (to Daily Life 34)