Tomo-chan's Daily Life 37

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Before October, 2007 (to Daily Life 36)

November, 2007

Thursday, 15
"Play a Pirate in the School Festival"

Saturday, 17
"Exchange Party with Neighbor High Schools"

December, 2007

Thursday, 20
"Closing Ceremony of the Second Term with Dressing-Up"

January, 2008

Friday, 11
"Draw a Character as a Ceremony of the New Year"

Wednesday, 30
"Tea Party in Celebration"

February, 2008

Wednesday, 27
"Graduation Coming Soon"

March, 2008

Monday, 17
"Graduation Ceremony"

April, 2008

Friday, 18
"Going to the Center for the First Time and Welcome Ceremony"

May, 2008

Sunday, 4
"Kounan Parking Area on Shin-Meishin Express Way"

June, 2008

Thursday, 12
"Sports Day"

After June 15, 2008 (to Daily Life 38)