Tomo-chan's Daily Life 42

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Before January, 2010 (to Daily Life 41)

March, 2010

Saturday, 20
"Cycle of Warm and Cold Days in Spring"

Saturday, 27
"Body Temperature Rising! By the Flu?"

April, 2010

Friday, 9
"I don't Like a Horror Program."

Saturday, 24
"Shopping with Her Own Bonus"

May, 2010

Saturday, 1
"Iemon Salon"

Tuesday, 4
"The Second Keihan Expressway"

Friday, 7
"Bread, a Present for Mother's Day"

June, 2010

Thursday, 10
"Scooping Goldfish at the Sports Festival"

July, 2010

Tuesday, 13
"The Happiest Time in Her Life"

Sunday, 18
"Modorogi Shrine"

After July 25, 2010 (to Daily Life 43)