Tomo-chan's Daily Life 53

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Before October, 2015 (to Daily Life 52)

December, 2015

Thursday, 17
"Christmas Party 2015"

January, 2016

Friday, 8
"First Visit of the Year to a Shrine"

February 2016

Wednesday, 3
"Valentine Sweets"

April, 2016

Wednesday, 6
"Go to See Cherry Blossoms."

May, 2016

Thursday, 5
"Kyoto at Sea"

Wednesday, 25
"Petit Excursion 2016"

June, 2016

Thursday, 9
"Univa!! (USJ)"

Wednesday, 22
"Foot Bath This Year in Arashiyama"

July, 2016

Thursday, 7
"Tanabata (Festival of the Weaver) on July 7"

Monday, 25
"Require Maintenance at the Age of 27."

After August, 2016 (to Daily Life 54)