Tomo-chan's Daily Life 9

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Before March, 1998 (to Daily Life 8)

April, 1998

Wednesday, 8
"Starting a New-Grade Term"

Thursday, 16
"Entering Hospital"

May, 1998

Saturday, 2
"Entering Hospital Again"

Tuesday, 12
"Restarting a New-Grade Term"

Saturday, 23
"Pocket Monster Game on a Tumble Form"

June, 1998

Sunday, 7
"Friendship Sports Festival '98"

Tuesday, 12
"Convulsive Fit in the Evening"

Saturday, 20
"Visiting the Neighboring School and Playing Golf"

Thursday, 25
"Excursion to the Osaka Aquarium"

July, 1998

Tuesday, 7
"Cold in Summer"

After July 21, 1998 (to Daily Life 10)