Tomo-chan's Daily Life 12

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Before December, 1998 (to Daily Life 11)

January, 1999

Saturday, 2
"Flying a Kite"

Wednesday, 13
"Decayed Tooth"

Wednesday, 20
"Suction at Midnight"

Sunday, 31
"Artwork Exhibition '99"

February, 1999

Tuesday, 9
"Bad Condition in February"

Thursday, 18
"At Last, Entering Hospital"

March, 1999

Tuesday, 2
"Though Glad to Go to School..."

Wednesday, 10
"10-Litter Cylinder"

Wednesday, 24
"Late for the Closing Ceremony"

Sunday, 28
"Violin Concert Tomo-chan's Sister Play at"

After April, 1999 (to Daily Life 13)