Tomo-chan's Daily Life 13

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Before March, 1999 (to Daily Life 12)

April, 1999

Thursday, 15
"Comfortably Warm Weather"

Saturday, 24
"Shopping Pajamas"

Sunday, 25
"Shiroyama Mausoleum"

Thursday, 29
"Happy Village"

May, 1999

Sunday, 2
"Traffic Jam, Jam, Jam..."

Monday, 3
"Flower Park at Kawachi-Nagano"

Wednesday, 5
"Daisen Mausoleum"

Friday, 28
"Entering a Gynecology Ward"

June, 1999

Sunday, 13
"Go to School at a Slow and Steady Pace"

Tuesday, 22

After June 25, 1999 (to Daily Life 14)