Tomo-chan's Daily Life 44

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Before November 3, 2010 (to Daily Life 43)

November, 2010

Saturday, 13
"Go for Buying an iPhone"

Sunday, 21
"Christmas Market"

December, 2010

Thursday, 23
"Xmas Party in Shape"

January, 2011

Tuesday, 4
"Wii Party at Ease"

February, 2011

Tuesday, 1
"Staying Up Late in January"

March, 2011

Thursday, 24
"Not Good Condition at Night"

April, 2011

Saturday, 16
"Problems on Going to Sleep Solved"

Friday, 22
"Catch Cold from the Father"

May, 2011

Monday, 2
"Spring Starts with Shopping."

Wednesday, 4
"Jonangu Garden"

After May 6, 2011 (to Daily Life 45)