Tomo-chan's Daily Life 45

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Before May 4, 2011 (to Daily Life 44)

May, 2011

Friday, 6
"Roses Not Yet, Still Tulips."

June, 2011

Saturday, 4
"Roses in Full Bloom"

Thursday, 9
"A Lot of Fun as Before in the Future"

July, 2011

Tuesday, 5
"Seriously Sensitive to Sounds"

Saturday, 30
"Happy Birthday Celebrated with Chi-De-Ji-Ka"

August, 2011

Saturday, 6
"To Fukuyama by Shinkansen"

Wednesday, 17
"Shin-Asahi Windmill Village"

Friday, 19
"Nanzenji Main Gate, Aqueduct, and Incline"

September, 2011

Sunday, 18
"Kitty-Embossed Wallet for Adult"

Tuesday, 27
"Outgoing with Guide Helpers"

After October, 2011 (to Daily Life 46)